Stanbridge Compact Two Pot Washer – Disinfector

The Compact 2 Pot washer-disinfector has been produced to provide low cost protection for both staff and residents from the risk of cross infection.

This medium capacity washer-disinfector provides the correct economical solution for the provision of safe infection control.

This medium size top-loading machine washes ‘two at a time’ and disinfects all styles of urine bottles, personal bowls, commode buckets, jugs, galley pots and kidney dishes.

For care-homes committed to disposable products it is an ideal, versatile washer disinfector for the carriers and reusable utensils, to complete the infection control barrier.

The top-loading configuration eliminates many of the leakage problems associated with front loaders and provides an answer where floor space is at a premium.

Stanbridge offers a choice of washer-disinfector to suit all loading requirements – now u are able to match the work load with the right machine at the best price.

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