Stanbridge Compact 3 Pan Washer Disinfector

Compact Three at-a-time Washer Disinfector

Compact 3 Pam (Hi Dome)

The compact 3 Pan multi-utensil machine, is designed for full bed occupancy and high dependency wards which have peak loads and a high utensil volume.The compact 3 has the capacity to efficiently wash and disinfect 3 pans and 3 urine bottles in one operation – cuts water and heating costs – drastically cuts staff waiting time and utensil queueing.

The compact 3 multi-utensil machine creates a better barrier to cross infection by providing wash and disinfection for urine bottles – commode buckets, slipper pans, personal bowls, kidney dishes, jugs, galley pots and suction bottles.Both staff and patients have more protection.Loading from the top eliminates the problems associated with doors  leaks – reduce the floor area required and with its capacity can save money.Stanbridge policy offers a range of washer – disinfectors , at last whether refurbishing or new-build , you are able to choose the right machine for the work load of each ward at the right price and save valuable resources 


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