SOTA Imaging Claris i4D Digital IntraOral Camera

Claris i4D Digital IntraOral Camera

1987, the start of SOTA Imaging’s intraoral camera for dentists. Combining German and Japanese engineering, and being offered support and services from an American company, products are proudly manufactured in SOTA’s factory. Nevertheless, with SOTA’s industry-leading experience, a fifth generation of the Claris camera line has been developed. The Claris i4D IntraOral Camera stood out amongst its’ competitors with a number of unique features.


Seamlessly designed to bring out the best (Click to view)

The Claris i4D Intraoral Camera works well with all major practice managements as well as its’ imaging programs.

Its’ competency to switch from Auto Focus Mode to Macro Focus Mode and ability to capture images of an individual’s full face, arch, quadrant, single tooth and super close images, has brought them to achieve awards such as CRA: “Easy Focus Adjustment, Best in Study” and Dentistry Today Top 100 Award, just to name a few.

Other notable features include lowest distortion and best imaging quality of any cameras which has been confirmed by many individual tests. Easy capture button on the hand piece also brings convenience to the user.

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