Sometech Dr Camscope Imaging System

Dr. Camscope

Dr. Camscope provides an improved image quality for an accurate and reliable diagnosis by producing true tissue color. Not only Sony image sensor with 410.000 pixels and DSP represent uniform image quality but both S-VHS and composite signals guarantee the high resolution. Especially it is bright enough with 100W halogen light source due to the image sensor of 2 lux minimum illumination and preserves the optimal image quality with ELC function regardless of distance.A compact main unit has 100W halogen light source, camera power supply, and even a memory function.
CCD coupler is compatible to various rigid endoscopes /Storz, Stryker, Wolf, Olympus, etc./ and has a one-touch-type to adapt endoscopes.
Image capture is a unique function of Dr. Campscope. It enables you to capture images up to four images using only the camera without any color video printer or computer. MEM/LIV button on the hand probe facilitates to freeze or unfreeze images and just by clicking the button equipped on the main unit, each of four captured images can be seen by one or in a quad display.

With a color video printer you can freeze images in one or a quad frame and print out a clear picture on the spot. Various VTRs can be used and necessary to record an operational process.

With the MIT image management software /option/ you can save and search images by a patient s name or title in a user s friendly manner. You can compare and edit images, and make various forms of report by this program. If you build your own library saved by title, it can be a powerful consulting tool. Stored visual records can be used as a documentation in medical confrontations or internet picture communication tool between local clinics and hospitals.

Intraoral camera (DCS-101)

  • Digitalized intraoral/extraoral camera with Sony CCD sensor
  • 90 prism allows you to access to all area of oral cavity with a non-reverse image
  • Anti-fog function precents the camera from a foggy shot made by your breath
  • It profits your hospitals by motivating patients to be willing to have treatment such as scaling, filling, bracs, orthodontia, tooth whitening by showing their damaged teeth directly
  • Disposable sheath for intraoral camera is available for disinfection

Video Colposcope (DCS-102)

Sony CCD sensor and the digitalized camera which brings a life color

You could enlarge a target 10 to 30 times to have a harder look at cervical erosion, CIN, cancer by replacing Colposcope at a low price. Colposcope enlarge those vessels of cervical area for doctors to read erosion, CIn and cancer. However, it is just suited to a few general hospitals in that are hard to adjust the focus and very expensive, 2 through 7 times. For Dr. Camscope, it is easily used by many doctors and enlarges spots from 10 to 30 times to let them examine cervical erosion, CIN, and even cancer. In addition, it will help to attract patients and to facilitate a next treatment by monitoring diseased spots with patients on the screen at the same time.

Video Rectoscope (DCS-103)

Sony CCD sensor and the digitalized camera which brings a life color

You could examine and show the 7-16 times magnified images of patients hemorrhoids, anal fistulas, sigmoid, rectum, flectures through a monitor. You could connect your anoscope and sigmoidescope to Dr. campscope through our producing metal adaptors. Operations including biopsy is possible since light guide are separated from the camera

Video Otoscope (DCS-104T)

Sony CCD sensor and digitalized camera guarantee the high image quality

The better image quality using rod index lenses which have no space not to lose any image between lenses unlike relay lens sets.

Otospecula are safe and simple for doctors to use and relieve patient s scare since they are not let the telelens insert into patient s ears deeply during the ear examination. Therefore, ti is very useful not only for the infant and children but also for their parents. It will make a easier understnding for them before a treatment

It is also used for the diagnosis of infection of tonsils, uvular and even nortile

Video Dermatoscope (DCS-105)

  • Sony CCD sensor and the digitalized camera which brings a life color
  • Peripherial lights makes a stereo image and relieves light reflection
  • 300X lens, 30 times and 80 times magnifying caps could be adaptable to the camera
  • Green filter shows freckles and discoloration clearer and sharper

You could show capillaries, hair roots, follicles, skin pores, freckles,, wrinkles, face and any part of body for dermatology, plastic surgery and body/hair cosmetic use

Video Iridoscope (DCS-106)

Sony CCD sensor and the digitalized camera which brings a life color. It can be applied to not only precise diagnosis of iris but also any part of body such as skin, hair, full face.






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