T-SPRAY II Disinfectant Cleanser for Ultrasound and Mammography is the essential medical accessory. T-SPRAY II cleans and disinfects all ultrasound probes, transducers, mammography compression plates and cassettes after each use and between patients. T-SPARY II has a neutral pH and contains no alcochol, phenol, gluteraldehyde or ketones. It is safe for equipment and is an effective bactericide and viricide killing HIV-1. The active ingredient is conveniently user activated by adding tap water to the fill line indicated on the bottle.

Unit Sizes:

  • 60 ml Tube

  • 250 ml Bottle

T-Spray II    (Anti-Virus Disinfectant Spray)

Against HIV-Type 1

 Herpes Simplex Type1,Type2

Influenza A2| Hongkong

Vaccinia and possibly SARS

CE Approved EPA Reg: No 1839-166-65071


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