SMITECH DS-103M Height and Weight auto measuring scale

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Newly inbuilt ultrasonic sensors in touch bar provides a softer contact when speeding down right over the head.

It is a simple height and weight measuring device with wireless connection to the a table PC or even your mobile phones. Also available in non-wireless connection, where you can connect it directly to a thermal printer or PC.

Digital display of your height, weight and BMI is shown just by standing on the board.



Height range: 90 ~ 200cm (unit: 0.1cm)

Weight range: 10 ~ 200kg (unit: 0.1kg)

Power Adapter DC12V, 2A(AC220V, 50/60Hz)

Dimensions:  410(W) X 550(L) X 2190(H)

Weight: 12.0kg

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