ShelLab Anaerobic Chamber

Anaerobic Chamber

We’ve found there are times when people don’t need oxygen.

We were thinking. Always thinking. Always trying to find new ways to give you top-of-the-line products. We have a history of firsts in the industry. But our heads aren’t in the past; they’re in the future, thinking up other firsts. That’s how we keep temperature and pressure constant. That’s how our products endure heavy use. And that’s how we plan to stay forever supplying products of constant thinking. With that in mind, we present our Bactron?1.5.

Efficiently anaerobic

Unique, self-regenerating, palladium catalyst eliminates downtime. No catalyst changes required. A manometer, designed for easy cleaning and filling, provides continuous visual check of pressure and anaerobic condition.

Hands on design

Patented gloveless entry lets you get your hands on what you’re doing. How comfortable. Or, choose your own personal hand protection to suit your size and feel. Plus the gloveless design facilitates transfer of small objects into the chamber.

Computer compatible

Working on-line inside the chamber is facilitated by the side-access port for cables and cords, the keyboard-shelf above the work surface and an optional monitor shelf above the air lock.

Incubate without taking up space

A separate incubator inside the chamber lets you work at room temperature while maximizing available surface area for procedures. It also allows for excellent temperature uniformity, so all your plates incubate at the same temperature, +/- 0.1.

Space conscious

The Bactron?1.5 has more work area and incubation capacity (308 plates), yet occupies a smaller footprint than most chambers. And, since it’s built-in vacuum pump and single gas option don’t require exterior storage space, installation into small work areas is now possible.

Designed by a microbiologist, the Bactron?1.5 is built with powder-coated stainless steel for exceptional durability. An auto cycle automatically purges the air lock making for an easy transition to the anaerobic state. A plexiglass front along with our Condensate Controller lets you see what you’re doing all the time. The built-in fluorescent and an optional halogen light help in identifying cultures. An electrical outlet is inside the chamber. And as you might expect, the unit comes with a training workshop and a comprehensive 12-month warranty. We’ve been bringing you the Bactron?with its gloveless design for 15 years, and in that time microbiologists have used it to unlock many mysteries of anaerobes.

A low-pressure water vapor generator, injecting saturated water vapor into the recirculating airduct, controls chamber humidification. This process is preferable to steam generation because steam introduces additional heat to the chamber atmosphere which then compromises temperature control.

Uniform temperature and humidity are maintained by circulating chamber atmosphere through a recirculating air duct system. The air ducts also serve as shelf supports and can be easily removed for cleaning.

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