The ultimate dental X-ray

Being approved by CE and FDA, it is incomparable with superior quality, the Rextar-X produces clearer and sharper X-ray images.

Image quality is not just the only consideration thought into putting this device together, safety has also be accountable for. To prevent leakage from the x-ray source, the Rextar-X was designed with a double-shielding built in, protecting the user.

Image Quality

With a focal spot of just 0.4mm and target angle(divergence angle)  of 12, the images produced would be of excellent quality!

However, focal spot and target angles are not the only feature that determines the image quality. Tube voltage and tube current plays an equal role in producing quality X-ray images. With 70kV and 2mA of voltage and current penetrating the bone, you are sure to get a clear view.

Totally different kind of portable X-ray

Being compact and light are not its’ only plus points! Smart exposure control system, proper exposure value and time can be memorized to relieve inconvenience of resetting for each and every patient and case.

Rextar-X is also compatible with all range of sensors, detectors, films and phosphor plates(PSP)

The portable X-ray can be used for Implant and Endodontic surgery with real-time checking available. Being portable allows the use of dental X-ray anywhere and anytime; in remote areas, military and humanitarian missions or even just for patients with limitations in their mobility.

How to use the Rextar-X? (Click to view)

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