Applications in the medical and industrial sectors
The COMPACT™ 2 is a very powerful x-ray film processor. Our top-model was designed for processing all standard film types up to a width of 45 cm (173/4“). The extreme high capacity guarantees quick access to the processed films.

Top quality including all accessories
Longstanding experience leads to competence: It goes without saying that a light protection cover, replenishment containers and intermediary rinsed squeeze rollers for preventing carry over of chemicals are an integral part of the processor. On top of this, the exclusive use of high quality components ensures the best reliability and precision.

High economic efficiency – low energy costs
The integrated stand-by mode reduces your water and energy consumption. The film detection with four infrared sensors allows intelligent and economic replenishment depending on the processed film surface, with individually adjustable rates. This saves chemicals and provides a constant high quality of your image.

Easy handling – comprehensive safety
On the control panel you can individually set the processing time, temperatures and replenishment rates. In addition you can automatically fill the tanks during the warm-up cycle. Five different programs are available for storing individual settings. This, plus the acoustic and visual controls means convenient operation and safety. The anti-crystallisation and anti-oxidation programs in combination with the continuous circulation of the chemicals ensure permanent readiness for use and consistency of your images.

All values can easily be seen on the digital display of the microprocessor controlled control panel

COMPACT 2 Details


COMPACT 2 control panel

All values can easily be seen on the digital display of the microprocessor controlled control panel
COMPACT 2 racks

Easy to service high-precision racks guarantee a gentle film advance and make daily care easy.
COMPACT 2 dryer rack

The special combination of rollers in the dryer rack and he electronic temperature control ensure gentle drying of the films by hot air.
COMPACT 2 mount

Enhanced convenience due to film output into the light room. Different options are available.

Technical data 
Technical Data COMPACT 2:
• Film format: min. 10 x 10 cm (4“ x 4“), max. 45 x °cm (173/4“ x °)
• Film type: sheet and rollfilms
• Process time: 1 – 5 min (60 – 300 sec)
• Capacity at 60 sec process time:
Film format (LxW in cm): 10 x 10 (4“ x 4“) (4 x parallel) 3020 films/h
Film format(LxW in cm): 24 x 18 (91/2“x 7“) (2 x parallel) 697 films/h
Film format(LxW in cm): 24 x 30 (91/2“x 12“) 348 films/h
Film format(LxW in cm): 35 x 43 (14“x 17“) 245 films/h
• Developer temperature: 28 – 40°C (82 – 104°F)
• Dryer temperature: 35 – 70°C (95 – 158°F)
• Film detection: 4 sensors (infrared)
• Replenishment rates: 150 – 3000 ml/m2 (ml per 10 square feet)
• Replenishment containers: 25 l (6.6 gal)
• Anti-oxidation: selectable, off or 3 – 99 min intervals
• Anti-cristallisation: 20 min intervals
• Program memory: 5 programs
• Tank volumes D/F/W: 12.5/12/13 Litre (31/4/3/31/2gallons)
• Water consumption: 1.9 l/min (1/2gal/min) during processing, 0.0 l/min (0.0 gal/min) during 
• Energy consumption: 2.5 kWh during processing, 0.23 kWh during stand-by
• Dimensions (L/W/H): 97 x 68 x 127 cm (38“ x 263/4“ x 50“)
• Weight (empty/filled): 91/129 kg (200/284 lb) with closed base, 77/115 kg (170/254 lb)
with open base
• Electrical connections: 208 – 240 V; 10 – 14 A; 50/60 Hz
• Water connection: 3/4“; 2 – 10 bar (3/4“; 29 – 145 psi)


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