Osteosys Sonost 3000 Bone Densitometer

Sonost 3000 is a portable, economic solution for evaluating th erisk of osteoporotic fracture. Its low precision error assists in the first diagnosis of osteoporosis monitoring bone changes.

Sonost 3000 provides fast, convenient, and easy-to-use measurements of the calcaneus (heel bone) for superb assessment of osteoporotic fracture risk.


Provides information on bone quality and fracture risk

  • Measures SOS (Speed Of Sound) and BUA (Broadband Ultrasound Attenuation), and applies them to calculate BQI (Bone Quality Index)
  • T-score (young adult mean standard variation) and Z-score (age-matched standard variation) evaluation

Excellent techniques

  • Superior precision
  • Permanent coupling pads
  • Auto-positioning probes
  • No repeatability variation cause to fluctuation in water temperature
  • Quick scanning time (15 sec)
  • Enhanced precision self-developed foot supporters
  • Enhanced stabilization

Provide bone quality info

  • Bone density (SOS)
  • Bone (macro and micro) structure (BUA)

Improved convenience

  • Comprehensive user program
  • Easy measurement (Convenient dry type)
  • No replacement required for coupling pads
  • Efficient patient file management system (Available data-base)
  • Built-in computer and printer, saving the valuable space
  • Color TFT-LCD monitor (Touch screen)
  • No radiation hazard
  • Prompt A/S


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