Miele PG 8591 Washer Disinfector

Greater performance, greater safety and more convenience.pid_2010471

The new washer disinfector excel in cleaning performance combined with high throughput. Lumened instruments or 22 transmission instruments now can be reprocesses in just 1 cycle.

Multi-stage filtration system, large-surface central filter and laser technology raises the hygiene and safety benchmark in the reprocessing of instruments.  Efficient in removing particulate soil from water in circulation, its crevice-free finish ensures that there are no nooks or crannies where blood and soil can accumulate.



Width [mm]: 600

Height, Depth [mm]: H 835 (820*), 600

Duration/ VarioTD** [mins.]: 39

Load Capacities

Transmission Instruments: 22

Saliva extractors: 22

Drying: DryPlus

Electrical connection: 3-Phase***

*Without lid

** Cleaning and Thermal Disinfection

*** Single-phase optional


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