Medical Index Double-sided Apron

The double-sided apron is made of flexible multilayer Lead-Rubber (free of Vinylchlorid, PVC, Softerner) and is available in 3 different applications. Coated in high quality material, the cover comes in a huge variety of 30 colours.

Different applications come in 

Standard: 0,25mmPb, backside:0,25mmPb

20% Lighter Lightlead: 0,35mmPb, backside: 0.25mmPb or 0,35mmPb

Lead-free Lead equivalent: 0,5mmPb, backside: 0.25mmPb or 0,35mmPb

 Other Accessories include:

-Big elastic belt for better back support with hanger for careful storing


-Glasses with front and side protection

-Removable sleeves

-thyroid collar

-Movable rack for 10 aprons with hooks behind and a Wall rack for 5 aprons.


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