Tailored for student experimentations and demonstration purposes in the natural sciences for schools and universities

The only measuring device that you will ever need to measure values in physics, biology and even chemistry.

Displays are shown through high contrast and at its’ original size and resolution

Mobile-CASSY 2, new and impressive

The new generation is upgraded with more impressive features and provides a larger range of applications from student experimentations to demonstrations

-Universal connection possibilities

-Intuitive operation

-Fast recording or measured values

-Graphic capabilities

The Universal Connection

Having a wide range of possible universal connections allows for a greater range of results.

-Voltage and Current

-NiCr-Ni Temperature Probe

-2 New Sensors M

-USB Stick

-PC connection

-Wireless LAN

Just to name a few of the many universal connections.

Mobile-CASSY 2, look no further

Have your results measured and saved into an integrated micro SD card and copied onto a USB stick. Screen shots are also possible!

With CASSY Lab 2, demonstration via the projector is also available! With a USB lead connection, teaching has never been so convenient.


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