LD Single and Triple Phase Transformers

Single – and Three-phase Transformers
A machine that does not rotate!
The physics of the transformer make it an electrical machine albeit one that does not rotate. Transformers convert low electrical voltages – low and extra-low voltages – into medium and high voltages and vice versa. They are used anywhere from the mVA range right up to several MVA.

Leybold Didactic offers a broad product range for both AC as well as three-phase transformers in the extra-low voltage range. Diverse special models – autotransformers, Scott transformers or toroidal transformers –round off our offer. Starting with the physical fundamentals of the law of induction, the experiment literature investigates in depth on-and-off switching as well as operating responses in normal and special operating states (no-load and short-circuit). There are transformers in the power classes 0.3 kW and 1.0 kW available to perform the experiments.
Don’t be left out when Leybold Didactic gives a didactic presentation of the most unusual of all the electrical machines.

Single-phase transformer
– No-load, short-circuit and load
– Mutual inductance, magnetic coupling and control
– Power dissipation, voltage change and efficiency

Three-phase transformer
– Circuits and connection symbols
– Parallel operation
– Voltage equations and equivalent circuit
– No-load, short-circuit and load




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