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Control and Reaction Monitoring in Fermentation Processes

Microorganisms can be used in bio reactors, e.g. for the production of enzymes or in the preparation of drugs. However, this involves extensive measurement and control equipment to maintain optimal conditions for growth of the microorganisms used (e.g. baker?s yeast). A relative simple and completely safe example of this is the production of ethanol  from baker?s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). This is a biochemical means of preparing alcohol from sugar by yeast cells. The process is controlled and monitored by the CASSY-C module and Universal Data Acquisition program.


Equipment list:

-CPS-Biological reactor

-CPS-Aeration pump

-PVC tubing, 1m

-CPS-Holder, height adjust

-Stirrer motor

-Stirrer, teflon shaft

-CPS-Ethanol sensor

-CPS-Metering unit

-CPS-Voltage supply, switchable

-CPS-Main distributor




-Single rod pH electrode

-Temperature box

-Temperature sensor, NTC

-Disk: Universal Data Acquisition

-Connection leads, red, 50 cm

-Connection leads, black, 50 cm

Additionally required

-Personal computer, MS-DOS min.


-Baker?s Yeast

-Sterile Sugar Solution

Microbiological desulphurization of coal


Alternative desulphurization methods rely on removing the sulphur from th ecoal before it is burned. Besides chemical methods, the method of leaching by microorganisms is being investigated, a method familiar in ore mining operations. Experiments on microbiological desulphurization of coal may be carried out quite easily in the lab.




Equipment List

-CPS-Biological reactor
-CPS-Digital pH meters
-Single rod redox probe
-Stirrer motor
-Stirrer, teflon shaft
-CPS-Holder, height adjustable

Bacteria Stains:
-Thiobacillus ferrooxidans
-Thiobacillus thiooxidans

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