InBody BSM170 Digital Free-Standing Stadiometer

download-2The InBody BSM170 Digital Free-Standing Stadiometer provides user-friendly measuring part with free standing and operates with the use of battery.

Being battery operated, it frees the user of tangled wires and also the use of mains,  making it possible of moving it around hassle-free.

A quick and easy assembly process is all you need to set up the stadiometer. Using the machine is also just as easy! Just simply turn the machine on and step onto the footplate, the measured value will be display on the LCD simply lock the value to prevent data loss.

Bluetooth compatibility allows the stadiometer to connect to an InBody 170 for your body composition measurement.


Power source: DC 6V (1.5V AA Battery 4Ea)

Height range: 35~210cm (1ft.m 1.8in. ~ 6ft. 10.7in.)

Error Range: ±1mm

Dimension: 390(W) x 500(L) x 2190(H)

     15.3(W) x 19.7(L) x 86.2(H)

Machine weight: 8.5kg (18.7lbs)

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