InBody 570 Professional Body Composition Analyzer

download-2InBody 570 is a professional Body Composition Analyzer using with a 98% accuracy as validated by DEXA.

Muscle-Fat, Segmental Fat, Extracellular Water Ratio analysis as well as Obesity Evaluation and Visceral Fat Level are just a few body composition assessments that can be measured with the InBody 570.

The Inbody results can be used as potential disease or health issues indicators. With the use of Segmental Muscle Analysis, one is able to create a much more focused exercise plan.


Having the body’s 4 limbs and trunk measured separately and along with a set of high and low frequency, results produced are high in precision and reproducibility. A total of 3 frequencies are used for measurements.

Self Mode and Professional Mode are two different test modes to satisfy the user. In the Self Mode, the user is only required to enter their own height. While in the Professional Mode, a detailed consultation of your results will be shown on the screen.

With 48 parameters of test results, body composition results comes fast and easy. The voice guidance, the interface becomes a little more user friendly, getting your measurements done in just a few seconds.

For better management of one’s data, Lookin’Body is a data management software which allows one to connect the PC with the InBody over WI-FI.

Specially designed result sheets with growth graph for children are also available.



Dimensions: 522 (W) x 893(L) x 1113(H): mm

20.55(W) x 35.16(L) x 43.82(H): inch

Equipment Weight: 24kg (52.9lbs)

Testing Weight Range: 10~250kg (22.0~551lbs)

Height Range: 95~220cm (3ft. 1.40in ~ 7ft. 2.61in)

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