InBody 370 Professional Body Composition Analyzer

inbody370_imgSegmental Fat, BMR, Muscle-Fat analysis and Obesity Diagnosis are some important indicators that one have to take note of in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

The InBody 370 is visually pleasing with its 7 inch LCD touch screen colour display. Not only so, but it is also able to monitor individual’s body composition development history via graph analysis and save up to 100, 000 data!

Technology (click to watch)

Using the Direct Segmental Impedance Measurement (DSM-BIA) technology, body composition measurements are more precise regardless of gender and age as it does not require the use of empirical estimation.

 A total of 36 parameters and 3 frequencies, 45 seconds is just what you need to receive a detailed calculation and measurement of your body composition. 

The specialized result sheet for children is much more colourful as compared to others. Results are much simpler and eye pleasing to read as well!

Segmental lean and Segmental Fat shows how balanced is the proportion of the body muscle as well as the distribution of the body fat. 

Upon printing, an exercise planner is also included in the results sheet to allow the user to plan and calculate their desired energy expenditure for the week!


Dimensions: 460 (W) x 677(L) x 1020(H): mm

18.1(W) x 26.7(L) x 40.2(H): inch

Equipment Weight: 20kg (44lbs)

Testing Weight Range: 10~250kg (22.0~551lbs)

Height Range: 95~220cm (3ft. 1.40in ~ 7ft. 2.61in)

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