Elettronica Veneta Telecommunications Teaching Products

This software is a powerful tutorial tool for a Theoretical, Practical and Experimental study of major topics concerning Telecommunications and Telematics.

it may be utilized by the teacher , to explain the lesson using texts , graphics , images interactive simulations , animations , experiments , questions, etc , 

THEORY:The main theoretical concepts are examined , supported by texts , graphic , drawing  and images.

SIMULATION:The circuit or the system under test are simulated under different operating conditions and virtual instruments are used to carry out realistic simulated measurements

QUESTIONS: The computer presents questions and exercises, and checks the answers of the user

EXPERIMENTS:The computer provides explanations to carry out laboratory practical experiments.

The telecommunications and Telematics package covers the following topics:

TELEMATICS : Code B-WIN,Fundamentals,Introduction to Data Communications,Codes, alphabets and data formats,Modulation and Transmission of data,International recommendations,Devices and Equipment,Serial Interfaces Equipment for Data Communications,Instruments and Measurements,Base Band Modems,Voice Band Modems,Multi-standard Modems,Protocols,OSI Reference Model and Protocols,Communication Protocols: BSC,Protocols: HDLC and SDL,Communication Software Packages,(Xmodem, Zmodem, Kermit.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS : Code T-WIN,Fourier theory,Fourier analysis and synthesis,Analog modulations,Amplitude modulation,Amplitude demodulation,Frequency modulation,Frequency demodulation,Double and Single Side Band,Filters, amplifiers, mixers,K-constant and m-derived filters,Coupling of tuned circuits,Ceramic and crystal filters,Impedance matching,Use of the Smith chart,RF power amplifier,Diode, transistor, Mosfet mixers,Tuned amplifiers,Phase locked loop,Fundamentals of PLL,Frequency synthesisers,Digital modulations,PAM and TDM,PCM modulation,PCM demodulation,Linear/adaptive Delta modulatio,Communication systems,FDM transmitter,FDM receiver,Optical fiber: transmitter,Optical fiber: receiver


 Windows, Hard Disk, VGA and Mouse, 32 MB RAM,  ISDN Network (Integrated Services Digital Network)

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