Elettronica Veneta Evaporation Student Trainer




 The thin film evaporation unit with scraped surfaces is a system used for the concentration of vegetable juices; organic substances by removing water or solvent with vapor or hot fluent water in the jacket of the evaporator. The plant can operate in vacuum conditions so that the boiling temperature of the product can be dropped as wished. Thanks to the different types of drawing, this kind of evaporator is characterized by complex fluid dynamics, in fact the descending motion due to the force of gravity is completed by the action of the blades of the stirrer which cause the creation of a thin film of product in which the motion of the rotor creates high turbulent zones where the thermal and mass exchanges and the product evaporation exalted.


Educational programme – main experimental tests:


Ø      Mass balance

Ø      Energy balance

Ø      Determination of the global exchange coefficient

Ø      Determination of the wall temperatures


Main technical characteristics

Ø      Feeding tank, light phase and heavy phase collection in borosilicate glass.

Ø      Dosing pump fo rfeeding

Ø      Thin film evaporator DN 25 in stainless steel AISI 316 and blade rotor

Ø      Variable speed motor

Ø      Vacuum pump


To deepen the study of evaporation we suggest the following units:

Mod. UFS/EV Thin Film Evaporation Unit

Mod. UME/EV Single-effect Evaporation Unit

Mod. UDE/EV Double-effect Evaporation Unit

Mod. UTE/EV triple-effect Evaporation Unit

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