Elettronica Veneta Distillation Student Trainer




Distillation is that operation for mass transport, which, by exploiting the differences of vapor voltages, separates a liquid solution in order to obtain pure components or, more generally, two phases one of which is rich of lighter components (with higher vaour voltage) and the other is rich of heavier components. Distillation is an operation which involves solutions of different substances which are all relatively volatile at operating conditions.


Educational programme – main experimental tests:


Study of the separation at variations of the following operating conditions:

Ø      Feeding flow

Ø      Feeding temperature

Ø      Reflux ratio

Ø      Molar ratio of the elements

Ø      Heating power in the reboiler

Ø      Flooding test

Ø      Calculation of the number of theoretical stages of the column

Ø      Matter and energy balance


Main technical characteristics:


Ø      Distillation column in borosilicate glass with seven bubbles taps DN 50, complete

with reflux top condenser.

Ø      Dosing pump for feeding

Ø      Glass reboiler and 1600-W electrical resistor

Ø      Electronic temperature indicators with Pt 100

Ø      Connection lines and valves in AISI 316


The units proposed for these subjects are:


Mod. UDC/EV Continuous Distillation Unit

Mod. UDB/EV Batch Distillation Unit

Mod. UDF/EV Flash Distillation Unit

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