Dental-X Domina Plus B Table-top Autoclaves



Automatic Class B sterilization system with vacuum pump
The Domina sterilization systems represent the state of the art in the field of sterilization
The Domina systems are equipped with a powerful vacuum pump which enable the total expulsion of the air. Thanks to the pump’s fractionated action it is possible to reliably sterilize any type of material, including the hollow surfaces and hand pieces. Moreover ,combined with a bacterial filter, the pump generates a forced ventilation and a perfect drying up.
Complying with what requested by the norms, Domina systems can carry out the Bowie and Dick test
The control processes and the rigorous compliance to the norms guarantee the absolute sterilization safety.· Triple safety door
· Cross check of pressure and temperature values
· Maximum parameters stability
· Computerized control
Automatic sterilization
The whole cycle is controlled by a powerful microprocessor and at the end of the cycle the system stop automatically.
The auto diagnosis and the automatic malfunction detection guarantee the continuous optima working conditions
The 7 programs plus one programmable ensure simple use and maximum versatility
The possibility to connect the autoclave to a printer or to a PC enable the certification of the sterilization process. Moreover the computer allows the improvement of tests and service assistance which also with the use of a modem result more rapid and economical.Sterilization of hand pieces
The Domina systems have been studied for the hand pieces and turbines sterilization
On this purpose, the vacuum and the special heating system have been studied in order toi assure the circulation of the saturated steam also inside the hand pieces micro mechanisms
The temperature innovative control system avoids thermal shocks or excessive temperature variation which would cause the premature wear of dynamic instruments as it happens in most of sterilization systems

External dimensions:

L. 443 x D. 562 x H. 428 mm.

Chamber size :

Ø 240 x H 384 mm.

Chamber capacity:

18 Litres

Net weight:

55 Kg.

Maximum power consumption:

1600 W

Average consumption:

600 W

Supply voltage:

230/110 V


50/60 Hz

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