Dental-X Atoma Plus Table-top Autoclaves







The Atoma Plus autoclave meets the need for fast and effective sterilisation of all surgical instruments.
The Atoma system stems from the experience of a company which has long been a leader in the sterilisation field and brings together elegant and compact design with the sterilisation needs of a modern surgery which also has to keep costs and energy consumption down.
The Atoma Plus has a special heating system which improves steam circulation to achieve high performance with low consumption.
To expel the air the Atoma Plus autoclave has an electronic air expulsion system. This system is like a pump and ensures fast and safe sterilisation. The thermodynamic action is very quiet so the autoclave can be placed near the operating area.

Full automation with four preset programs means it can be easily and safely used even by any member of staff.

The computer control system removes the risks from malfunctions or human error and simplifies and speeds up servicing and maintenance operations.

The use of the most modern information technology provides new standards in terms of quality, certification and servicing.


External dimensions:

L. 442 x D. 562 x H. 428 mm.

Chamber size :

Ø240 x H 384 mm.

Chamber capacity:

18 Litres

Net weight:

49 Kg.

Maximum power consumption:

1600 W

Average consumption:

600 W

Supply voltage:

230/110 V


50/60 Hz


2 x 10 (2X20) amp. Type 6,3 x 32 CT

    • Thermodinamic vacuum
    • Differentiated heating system
    • Automatic switch OFF at the end of cycle
    • Completely Automatic Device
    • Self Diagnostic & Troubleshooting
    • Completely Automatic Device
    • Interactive Display
    • Inox water tank 5,2 Lt.
    • Triple Safety Door
    • Cool External Surface (good insulation)
    • Computer Interface
    • Printer Interface
    • Standard CE 93/42
    • Class S (prEN 13060)

1 Unwrapped

4 minutes 134°C

For the sterilisation of unwrapped material

2 Wrapped

15 minutes 134°C

For the sterilisation of wrapped material

3 Packs

30 minutes 121°C

For the sterilisation of cloth and surgical packs

4 Special

Set by the operator:from 105°C to 135°C from

Give the operator free choice of input forvery delicate cycles for

3 to 99 minutes

very delicate cycles for sterilisation or disinfection

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