CMP Solution Warming Cabinet


  • 30″ (762 mm)  or  24″ (610 mm) wide   X  21 ” (533 mm)  or  27″ (686 mm) deep
  • Single compartment height:  26″ (660 mm)  or  45″ (1,143 mm)
  • Double Compartment height: 74″ (1880 mm)  or  60″ (,1524mm)


CMP Digital Solution Warming Cabinets are constructed of No. 18 gauge (1.2 mm) Type 304 stainless steel with No. 4 finish. Compartments are 18″ (457 mm) or 24″ (61 0 mm) deep inside.  Heating and Storage Compartments have insulated double-wall doors with magnetic catch and heat resistant gasket(s).

When Specified, doors shalI be available for the back of the unit as a “pass-thru” feature, enabling loading of solution warming cabinet from ether side.


The chamber(s) are insulated and contain bottom and intermediate adjustable wire shelves. The warming cabinet is capable of heating a full load of solution flasks from 80 degrees F. to 180 degrees F. (27 degrees C. to 82 degrees C.) within 6 hours. Heating is by electric strip heater assemblies mounted on rear wall of cabinet, concealed behind a removable perforated guard. On double compartment cabinets, the lower compartment may be heated or not. If it is heated, there are separate controls for the temperature of that compartment.



120 v.a.c., 7 or 12.5 amps., 60 Hz., single phase electrical supply through a single connection to the integral circuit breaker panel.


DSW1AE:    Single Compartment,  30″ wide  X  45″ high

DSW2AE:    Dual Compartment,  30″ wide  X  74″ high

DSW3AE:    Single Compartment,  30″ wide  X  26″ high

SC5:   Dual Compartment,  24″ wide  X  60″ high


~  18″ or 24″ Compartment Depth

~  Mounting may be Freestanding or Recessed

~  Doors may be Hinged on the Right or Left Sides

~  “Pass-Thru” Feature

~  Stainless Steel Base (for floor mounting of models DSW3 and SC5)


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