InBody S10 Body Composition Analyzer

download-1The InBody S10 is a portable body composition analyzer. With the use of 6 frequencies and 48 parameters test results, one is guaranteed to receive precise and accurate body composition results. 

Muscle-Fat Analysis, Visceral Fat Area and Segmented Water Analysis are just a few indicators which are able to determine your health and lifestyle.

The Advantages

It is convenient as it comes with a portable bag or handy as well with its’ own cart which is optional for purchase.

The user interface is simple and intuitive with storage of 50, 000 data that is accessible at any time. For clearer visualization of the changes in body composition level, a graph is displayed on the screen.


Power Input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.2A

Power Output: DC 12V, 3.4A

Display Type: 800 x 480 Touch Color LCD

Machine Weight: 2kg

Dimensions: 202(W) x 322(L) x 53(H): mm

8(W) x 12.7(L) x 2.1(H): inch

Measurement Duration: 1min. 50sec

Weight Range: 10-250kg (measured by external equipment)

Height Range: 95-220cm (measured by external equipment)

Age Range: 3 – 99  years


InBody S10 How to test? (Click to view)

body composition normal result sheet

Body water result sheet I


Body water result sheet II

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