Biospace Inbody 720 Body Composition Analyzer

The categories of analysisDiagnosis of obesity

Percent Body Fat, Visceral Fat Mass, Waist-Hip Ration, BMI, Circumference of limbs

Until recent days with conventional body composition analyzers, obesity has been defined with subjects? weight to the height representing body mass index. For the time being, the importance of muscle mass to the body weight has commenced as seen from the cases of athletes or none muscular obesity. InBody 720 defines outer appearance of human body; BMI, WHR and circumferences of limbs, as well as Visceral Fat Mass and muscle to body fat ratio which cause various chronic diseases. Experiments and all a round conclusion of obesity can be diagnosed by InBody 720 only.

Segmental developments of muscleLean Balance (Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right Leg, Left Leg), Body Balance, Body Strength

Unlike other body composition analyzers, InBody measures body compositions divide into trunk, right arm, left arm, right leg and left leg precisely. It can define segmental muscle analysis makes it certain effects of exercise and rehabilitation during their treatments possible is a necessity for monitoring the progress.


Edema exam

Edema Score, Segmental Edema, Health Diagnosis

Edema originates from abnormal accumulation of extracellular water that exhibit swollen body with no changes in weight. It emerges mainly from lack of nutrients especially proteins as well as from malfunctioned cardiovascular or renal system. InBody 720 is needle sensitive can even perceive the slight changes of edema stages different in the morning and the night for a patient.

Overall health statusNutritional Evaluation, Weight Management, Obesity Diagnosis, Body Balance, Body Strength, Health Diagnosis, Fitness Score

Nutritionally normal? Body segments in balance? Adequate body water and balance? My life style? Fitness score? InBody 720 is in the center of all these questions. Depends on the persons? body condition, the results displays overall health assessments.


Features on InBody720

  1. Alert patients the risk of excessive body fat
  2. Detailed muscle balance as lean balance, elevating segmental body fat accumulation and segmental muscle requisites
  3. Broad band Multifrequency enhance the accuracy to perfection
  4. Easy and apprehensive result sheet, in addition to overall body status
  5. Elegant design with TFT LCD and gold plated electrodes
  6. Data storage extended, 10 previous results in each person stored up to 100 people.
  7. Segmental edema degree of swelling by limbs.

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