InBody 170 Body Composition Analyzer

Compact InBody available anytime anywhere! The InBody 170 allows you to have your Body Composition Analysis done hassle-free! 

With segments like Obesity Analysis, Segmental Fat, Waist-Hip Ratio, Visceral Fat Level and BMR being calculated and measured, one is bound to receive a precise and accurate result of their body composition. 


Using the Direct Segmental Impedance Measurement(DSM-BIA) precise results can be produced as measurements are taken from one’s 4 limbs and trunk individually. 

The 8-point Tactile Electrode System is used for higher reproducibility. What this does is to fix the starting point of current and voltage, this enhances the accuracy as well as reproducibility. 

Within 30 seconds, 23 parameters test results are completed and ready for printing just with the use of 2 frequencies.   

Key Features:

Effective Results Sheet for monitoring your body

Lighter weight will help easy moving

Compact size for space limitations

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