Soredex Scanora Cone Beam 3-D Dental CT Scanner


User-selectable 3D field of view


With three fields of view (FOV) the proper image volume can be selected for each specific diagnostic task. The field of view can be postioned anywhere within the maxillofacial area.


Selectable 3D resolution


The SCANORA® 3D combines low dose, fast imaging and high accuracy. Standard resolution offers fast imaging with low dose, suitable for most diagnostic tasks. High resolution improves accracy with slightly higher imaging time and dose. The smallest attainable voxel (volume element) size is 0.133mm. 


Panoramic imaging with AutoSwitch™

The SCANORA® 3D uses a dedicated CCD sensor for highquality panoramic imaging. The unique AutoSwitch™ feature changes between panoramic and 3D modes making hte SCANORA® 3D quick and easy to set up. There is no need to manally change detectors nor completely reposition the patient.


Outstanding computing intelligence

For the first time in dental imaging, the SCANORA® 3D uses a sophisticated algebraic reconstruction technique (ART) for reconstructing the volume data. ART improves image quality and is less sensitive to the main causes of image artifacts such as patient movement, restorations and implants. Reconstruction times are super fast, starting from one minute, due to advanced computing technology.   

Easy preparation for imaging

The SCANORA® 3D offers preset imaging programs that cover most common diagnostic examinations. All the imaging parameters can also be freely selected using the large ClearTouch™ control panel. The patient is easily positioned using the remote control and positioning lights.

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