Quantum High Frequency Radiographic Imaging


Quantum’s RAD-X line systems integrate features that enable great clinical versatility for maximized effiency. Ideal for use in imaging centers, private offices and hospitals, these systems provide expansive travel capability for optimized functionality, advanced safety features, and high durability.

Quantum’s QS-500 tube support permits a wide range of imaging examinations through its extensive and simple travel.

Versatile in its design and application, Quantum’s Enclosed Style Table provides a spacious platform for the performance of a wide variety of radiographic examinations. The low absorption, flat table surface design simplifies easy patient transfer, and has a capacity of up to 650 lbs.

Contemporary yet highly functional, the Quantum VERTI-Q Vertical Wall Stand was designed with the technologist in mind.

This advanced tube support column incorporates protective features such as integral counterbalancing and a FAIL-SAFE electromagnetic vertical braking system. Extensive vertical travel facilitates proper positioning for skull through weight bearing examinations.

The Mobile Radiographic table enables easy patient positioning during examinations

The VERTI-Q incorporated Quantum’s exclusive EZ-Glide hand control, for convenient ergonomic receptor adjustment.

The Quantum mobile radiographic table is ideal for the performance of supine radiographs. Large caster wheels provide smooth table movement and maintain table stability when locked and dual foot control locks ensure a safe working environment.

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