Quantum DRive Digital Radiography

Q-Rad Ceiling System

5-tiered telescoping column with expansion overhead horizontal and transverse tracks are used to provide complete flexibility and virtually unlimited imaging procedures.

The ergonomically designed hand grips with multi-function locks provide a smooth and responsive system adjustment.  Functions like system navigation for SID and tube angle assists the operator with ease and high precision as well.

    Q-Rad Floor System 

The ideal choice for the ever busy clinics, orthopaedics facility or hospital. The advance features and unique design aspects of the system allows the technologist to provide full concentration on the patient during the examination.

Quantum X-Ray Generators

Quantum Odyssey HF Series



Q-Vision HF Series


Quantum DRive

Using a unique image processing system and proprietary flat panel detector technology, DRive is a digital imaging hardware & software solution designed for General Radiography of anatomy.

A preview image is display immediately after an X-ray exposure which makes this system fast and precise. This allows the user for a prompt image confirmation , quick network distribution and also patient throughput.

Each preview display image is able to show the exposure index. In conjunction with the exposure index is a colour coded deviation index proportional to the pre-programmed anatomy. [Green – correct exposure range, Orange – moderate under/ over adequate exposure and Red – over/ under exposure]

The detector combinations are offered with either Gadolinium Oxysulfide or Caesium Iodide scintillator. It is also available as a single or dual panel detector combination(Fixed, Tethered and/or Wireless)

Stitching software used

With any stitching, image must first be acquired with stitching in mind. The stitched image becomes a stand-alone DICOM image to which measurements can be applied.


DR-1417 (wireless)              DR-1417(tethered)              DR-1717(Fixed)

Network Interface:   Tether Interface             16 bit Digital Output Ethernet (1000 Base-T)

Weight:                         6.39 lbs. (2.9kg)                 5.94lbs (2.7kg)                        24.2lbs (11kg)

Dimension (mm):          384 x 460 x 15                  384 x 460 x 15                    470 x 470 x 39



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